22-11-22 Portal Activation: Old promises of your soul can be remembered

Happy to share this transcription of the 22-11-22 portal activation. This transmission is in English. If you prefer listening to the transmission, check out and follow Malou her YouTube-channel. Either way, enjoy:

Welcome with the New Moon in Sagittarius. Such a bright and new beginning of a new transmission. And I already spoke with my guides about this new moon, which is actually tomorrow, but it’s so big so it will last for three days: today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. 

In this light energy we can remember how big we actually are. So this is quite exciting for all of us. Especially for all the lightworkers who are here to help others. This is the moment for you to truly shine from within. So if you have any chance to sit with yourself in these upcoming three days, please enjoy yourself because this is the moment you can activate your full light body. And the Council of Light is quite excited about this because it gives will give you insights on the greatness of your soul. And in this lightness we can see all the different parts where we experience life. So not only in this life, but also other lives. So your dreams may be vivid and your subconscious may be active and maybe you don’t sleep that well. This is a great opportunity, an opportunity to remember the greater picture. So welcome with this transmission. 

Let’s see if we can sit comfortably. Or if you prefer to lie down, totally fine. Make sure that you press your body to the ground and then relax it. You can close the eyes, and I want to describe what I see. Because it’s not just the Council of Light that is here. There are more groups of Light vibrations here. It’s like a celebration: we have moved through dark gates and felt the Light again. So there’s actually a celebration going on. And with this light celebration we can remember our full light body. 

So please sit comfortably, really comfortably. If there is any stiffness in the body, just shake it a little bit and allow yourself to breathe softly. Your spine rising up in a very soft way. The Council of Light is showing me that this transmission will work on every chakra, so you can almost see it like a light shower for your body.

Before we start this transmission, they have a small side note, that if you see light flashes in front of your eyes: don’t worry. It’s all part of this remembrance of the greatness of your soul. 

Let’s see what they have to say..

“Softly inhale in the greatness of your physical body during this transmission. Your soul is making new alignments with other lives, so you can communicate on a more conscious level. This can reach you in a subconscious state, so it will definitely help in upcoming days if you eat quite lightly. This will support you to integrate all the new light vibrations to your body. Also it is a great idea to meditate just before you sleep. The access to the higher self will be so much easier to read in this state. Yes, we mean you can get inspired by yourself. A great timing for inspiration. Because on the frequency you’re in right now, old promises of your soul can be remembered. So try the upcoming days not to be too judgmental, or hold on to all you think you know about life. This is a great opportunity to allow yourself to see all the connections of your soul, a great way to let your inner voice speak to you.

We celebrate these new connections with Earth, because a new light vibration of peace has manifested with the Hathors. This sound, this light vibration, of this very old civilisation, is now bringing peace to the Earth. Old wisdom of others are here to remind you the greatness of your soul. It will bring you into alignment to the multi-dimensional level of your soul, where you are in right now.

What are the benefits? It will help you to move faster through your process. What first took you two weeks to feel before clarity arose, will now take you three hours, so life might feel sometimes like a deeper roller coaster. Because vibrations are integrated faster than you are used to. 

One moment you are sad, the other moment you are excited about life. Don’t worry, this is part of the process. We ask of you to pay some attention to your base ground chakras. On this base grounds, you can truly feel your Yes – expansion. And your No – contraction. If you are ready to listen to those simple answers, life will be easier from now on.

This speed of the body will last for a month, so you can listen easier. Which path deserves a ‘yes’ and which path feels like a ‘no’? Which means that with these new connections of your soul, the answers are easier to hear inside yourself. Yes, for everyone who is wondering, is it really that simple? Yes, with this new clarity, it is easier to listen to the answers of our body.

The question is: do you trust yourself? Do you truly listen to the language of your body?

If your body is in contraction, please listen to all its wisdom by relaxing the body.

This vibration wants to go up and move all the way down to the throat area. So for everyone who is sick at this moment with throat issues: please speak your real truth. Especially this month, while we are building a new light vibration.

For everyone who is frowning a little serious: please relax, your body knows new way to express expansion, a full Yes from the inside out. You will receive all the lightness coming in, but the question arises: do you trust yourself?

If you don’t take your dreams seriously, your body cannot communicate with your soul. So important to allow yourself to fully dream about the possibilities.. What gives you joy?

Please smile, because this is an invitation, a celebration to remember the lightness of your soul. Please breathe in the depth around your body, lightness is coming in, remembering your true greatness. It is a beautiful reminder to rise up and shine.”

And five of your guides are gathering here with me with the same message. So I will translate this message for you and if it resonates it’s probably yours:

“My dear, you have gone through a lot of shadow waves and we are very proud that you have excelled. Now it is time not to stay here, but to step into your life, celebrating life with the fullness of your heart. Please embrace all your colors. You are here to be celebrated.

You still underestimate your gift of giving your lightness to the world. A beautiful reminder that now is your time to shine.”

A few more guides are here with me and they don’t want to wait. So I will translate it for you. If it resonates, it’s probably yours:

“Please embrace the masculine version of you. It’s strong and it’s light at the same time. It is not afraid to make mistakes and when there are holes in the road, you just jump across. So activate your adventurous self. You have stand still quite long enough. The things you are looking for, are not in the area where you are right now. You already noticed this for quite some time. Now it is time to activate your lights and masculinity, so yes, do not be afraid of change.”

“You can receive this transmission in multiple levels. That is also why we asked Malou not to eat too much. It is a lighter energy. You can see the whole, so don’t be scared if your vision gets more blurry, it is part of this ascension process. Your vision is great, you’re just teaching your brain to see different kind of layers. 

So allow yourself to stare into the great nothing, where magic can allow to be unfold. Smile. You are not getting crazy. You are just allowing yourself to dance in between the different layers. A great opportunity to dream while you are awake. Beautiful moments to allow your body to dance softly in the space. If you allow the frequency of freedom and adventure through your body, it will remember how to dance from within. So yes, please dance and allow yourself to be alive, a beautiful celebration of the wisdom of the human body. Keep on unraveling all the information inside yourself.

For writers or artists: it is a great week to make new work. Meditate before you start and it will come from deep within. Again, a celebration of life. 

If your art-form is singing: allow yourself to feel the truth within. If your throat is blocking, first take some time alone. Let go of all the words, and focus on the lightness coming from within. Singing without knowing the words is releasing any blockages from the throat. 

The light workers with a deeper connection of Atlantan roots will remember old words. Allow your soul to be open, so lightness can come within again. A celebration of the greatness of your soul.

The last message we would love to give is to take extra care of your skin. Why? The skin of the human body may separate in your world your energetic body with the other, but especially in this upcoming days, your skin is open to new information. If we take good care of our skin, with the intention of love, our skin can melt in energetic layers. A great time for healing of the skin.

We are going to silence and integration. And we ask of you, to remember that you are pure light energy. Let your skin melt and remember the greatness of your soul.”

[silence for 10 minutes]

There is one final message, and I will translate it for you:

“We want to thank you humans, for being so brave. The second attempt of downloads have arrived here on Earth. The first portals were open on the 11th of November. Still many struggles to be found here on Earth, but the second portals on the 22nd of November, which is today, has been fully arrived, on Earth. So that is why we celebrate so much new light energy going to the Earth. 

So hereby just a message of hope and gratefulness: We thank you so much to be so sensitive in your light field. You all have decided to fully go for it. Now that’s why we say: thank you so much. 

In upcoming days, we will ask of you, to remember your light field. All the light downloads can be activated in your field. 

We cannot say enough:

Thank you for your courage.”

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