Connect deeply with your heart

How to listen to your heart frequency? This is quite challenging the moment you are awakened now on Earth, because the mind frequency is still dominant on the Earth. So yes, sometimes it can feel quite

disconnected with the heart language. But we ask you not to worry. Even in these intense times you can ask your heart to be fully present. And to reassure you: an open heart the whole time is simply not possible all the time. A heart opens and a heart closes. And with this beautiful rhythm we are coming home and sometimes we lose the frequency of our own heart for a second. 

But don’t worry, if you allow small and sacred moments in your morning meditation, with your intention, to connect deeply with your heart. Please allow yourself to learn to listen, you cannot translate with your mind what your heart is telling you. Just try to feel and connect deeply with the center of your heart. This is how you are learning how to switch from mind frequency to heart frequency. 

And yes,

it sounds so simple,

but it actually is.

Your intention and awareness is enough. Your heart frequency isn’t going anywhere.

It’s just your awareness that is going everywhere. So allow yourself to sit and connect to your physical body first.

You see why your lungs are such a beautiful coat for your physical heart? The moment you start breathing, you slowly bring your awareness to your home, your heart. You let your body become sensitive, you are trying to listen within. If you do this more often, your heart frequency connection is here way faster, than when you are just allowing yourself for it to suddenly happen. So intention and daily practice is here for you to connect with your heart even deeper every day.

We suggest you start in the morning, because in the morning you just have slept and you are still in this unconscious state, which makes it very easy for you to fall in and to connect with your heart frequency.

When you are sleeping and traveling

through multiple dimensions, your heart

is your anchor. Do you understand why waking up and meditating is a beautiful way to connect with your heart frequency and all the experiences it has inside the heart?

Don’t worry if you lose connection with

your heart sometimes. We fully understand,

because the frequency war on Earth is

quite strong at the moment. So don’t blame yourself. See if you can visit more places with high frequency in the Earth, like nature, the sea, or light places where you can breathe quite easily.

Allow the breath go in and feel the depth of your heart frequency. Learning to listen with patience is all you need. 

– A channeled message from the Council of Light

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