Manifesting from the heart

Malou channels the Council of Light: 

“Allow yourself to breathe in the fullness of your heart. Your heart is your house, your generator in the New Earth. The difference with the old world is that in the new world, we don’t have to work so hard. In the New Earth we embrace our deepest qualities, our imaginative parts, which are needed to see the New Earth. Yes, to see the new opportunities for us.

Step one is returning back home, into our own heart area. To see what brings us the most love for ourselves first. Why? Because from this source of compassion we can reload ourselves to do the work effortlessly. It is possible, if you just trust the qualities of your own heartcodes.

Step two is to see how we bring our hearts energy to the world with the qualities that make our life spark. Remembering that our passion is the source for our life’s work. Enjoy breathing into your own house of the heart. You don’t have to do anything, it’s a state of being.

Coming home to your own hearts qualities is like reading your favorite book, the enjoyment itself. Yes, you are here and yes, you are here to unpack yourself. You are the gift. Softly inhale and focus on the center of your heart. It is your source, your home. Allow yourself to breathe, to come home.

You, as humans, are tempted to manifest without your heart. In the New Earth it isn’t working like that anymore. In the New Earth you can only build on the ground of your heart. This makes it quite important to feel your own heart qualities first.

Now we’re going to share some practical advice, to help you connect with the qualities in your heart:

Make a list of your qualities in the heart. Heart qualities are the aspects that go easy for you. We want you to realize that you have the freedom to choose for what your heart frequency tells you. The heart speaks a bit slower than the mind and most of the time also a bit softer than the mind. Allow yourself to listen.

Allow yourself to always return home, into the heart area, with the breath of life. Coming home is always safe. Please let your inner smile color your light. Getting to know your heart frequency is quite a joyful path, you can be amazed by your own frequency.

Softly inhale, and let the lightness come in to the heart space. It is here to let you feel into the wisdom of the heart. Please smile, because your qualities are unique, so different than your neighbour. Every soulcontract is a unique one, with different puzzle pieces of the whole. Qualities may come forward the moment you are silent with yourself and you can truly listen within. Exactly these qualities are needed for you new manifestation. Now is the time to bring it to earth.

To integrate your heart frequencies, we ask you to take the ritual of silence more seriously in your life. Why? Because silence has many frequencies, so you can open yourself to listening deep within. Silence is giving you a beautiful field to listen to the compassionate heart. Your qualities of love in sharing is packed in this beautiful vibration of silence.

So we apologize for these many words, while we actually mean “silence”.

This vibration is needed for you, to take the next step forward. Allow yourself to breathe in silence, every day, with a minute to check in with yourself, to listen to your own heart. The deepest wisdom is to be found here, close to your own source. Allow yourself to trust in silence.”

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