The dance of love and hate

Dear humans,

We would love to talk about a certain dance what is happening on the Earth right now. And we would love to name this the dance of hate and love, because this dance is truly playing out in all frequencies at this moment. 

Humans on your planet think that when you are in hate, you cannot feel love. And when you are fully in love, you cannot feel hate. But we are saying, the true containment of both of the frequencies, is where true healings takes place.

So when we are in a love frequency and there is hate coming to us, the first reaction of humans is to defend ourselves. We move around hate, or we move away from hate, because hate is quite a penetrating and low frequency to feel in the heart area. Therefore we say that when you are in hate frequency and love is coming around, the same reaction will happen. We’d say that your hate frequency will move around love, or will move away from love almost like both frequencies cannot be together.

Now, we say that if you look at it from a different perspective, you can heal both frequencies in a bigger expansion when experiencing both. 

How can you practice this?

It’s the realization that we have both frequencies inside our bodies. Just be curious about the placement of the frequency inside of us. Most humans experience the love frequency from radiating from their hearts. So when you meditate and you bring awareness to your heart it automatically radiates this very high and compassionate frequency. 

But how do we discover where hate is being placed in our bodies?

Just allow yourself to be aware of our heart frequency and the sensitivity and capacity to feel all frequencies.

Our hearts can process and transmute in this wonderful energy space, if we are just open and receptive. If we hate the hate in the world, we need to be curious about the hate inside ourselves.

Yes, we will repeat that again: If we hate the hate in the world, we need to be curious about the hate inside ourselves.

So first, land in your heart area. Radiating this wonderful and original heart’s frequency, is where we open our wonderful transmutation space. Then, from a compassionate and curious perspective, we invite hate in. We scan the body and we are welcoming and non-judgmental. 

Discovering our own hate helps us heal and expand even deeper in both frequencies. When this is transmuted we experience less hate in the world, so we can see the world from a more compassionate view. It doesn’t mean that the hate needs to be fully transmuted, it means that we can look at the world from a more loving and compassionate way. So healing our own hate, is healing the hate in the world. 

Being transmutive with hate can be quite a challenging ride. All the way down to our bodies, we can feel a lot of pain and also a lot of pain from our generation, or the pain from collective pain. So being open to hate is quite a challenge and therefore takes a lot of time. So we are here to encourage you to sometimes make place in your heart for hate. With so much love available inside of you, with so much compassion being available inside of you, transmuting hate is the most wonderful thing you can do.

The dance of love and hate together, brings peace in the middle.

Being in full awareness that this hate doesn’t stay forever, is a beautiful reminder of how beautiful our bodies are capable of transmuting hate into a much more high and light frequency so we can bring peace to the world.

We thank you so much for your light work, because your light work makes the world a wonderful and ascended place for everyone.

– A channeled message from the Council of Light

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