The journey of remembrance

Council of Light about the journey of remembrance:

“Dear humans, welcome in the timeframe where you have woken up at this moment. Quite an interesting timeframe to be in a human vessel. Because now there is the possibility to truly remember the path of your soul.

In this remembering, there is the opportunity to truly feel that you are the center of it all. And you don’t understand just yet how big this realization actually is.

So we would love to tell you more about the power of remembrance.

First, we ask of you to truly feel, that you are not who you think you are.

And yes, we are smiling of course, because we are asking you to slowly let go of your full identity of who you think you actually are.

You can ask yourself in meditation: What if my life isn’t just only my life? What if I am just awareness while seeing the world from a kind of perspective?

It means that you are observing the world from one point of view.

We would love to take Malou as an example. What if Malou isn’t just Malou, but just looking through Malou to the world, just as one option of how you can perceive the world.

This realization is the realization where you can experience freedom, because if you aren’t where you think you are, but you are just awareness, looking to the world, experiencing on the world. You are truly free.

So on this beautiful path of remembrance, you can realize bigger parts of your soul.

Which also means, that if you are experiencing in life what you think is yourself, might not even be true. What if you are a beautiful combination of all kinds of experiences that your soul is having at the same time?

So what if it is not only you? Can you imagine how big this realization is?

And you can actually play with this realization. Because the next time you are feeling deeply into anger, happiness, sadness, or any kind of emotion: feel the emotion and then realize that you are the person, the sensitivity, who is feeling the emotion, what if it is not you?

Do you understand, that there is a possibility, that you are just a very sensitive instrument for all kinds of experiences here on Earth?

The soul is connected on many deep levels. And yes, now we are in a timeframe, that we discover, that these timelines are connected.

Which means that you have the possibility, to explore your soul in a deeper level.

Can you hear our enthousiasm, because this beautiful new and broaden awareness is the next step for humanity.

So you can experience all kinds of emotions, which maybe have nothing to do with your life right now.

So please try to fall, into the deeper understanding, that all kinds of experiences you have in your life right now might not even be, you.

And yes, we understand this is difficult to understand with the mind frequency. So we are asking you to fall into your heartspace and feel your truth: What is truly experienced by you, and what is being felt through your body?

Now you have the opportunity to fall into a deeper layer of love.

You are the sacred ground where the experiences are being felt.

Yes, we are saying, that you are the loving field where emotions and experiences are being felt.

These realizations are so important for you to connect with deeper remembrance of your soul:

1. You exist here on earth, by your own choice. You made the choice to be here on earth, to experience.

2. To discover the deeper layers of your heart: You are the ground. The sacred love area, where you can experience all kinds of vibrations.

Now is the time to pick up new downloads about the fullness of your soul. And yes, we are smiling, because this beautiful puzzlepiece is here helping you to experience deeper on Soul level.

So are you ready to jump and to fully feel, besides your identity now, what your soul is all about? What do you truly want to experience in all layers of polarity? And are you ready to learn from every vibration?

Please smile because in this beautiful new opportunity, there is so much to be experienced on the field of love and compassion from your heart.

All we ask of you

to be open
to jump
and to listen
to the fullness of your soul.

Please enjoy the journey ✨

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