Choosing a healthy vibration

Welcome everyone, and welcome with a new channeling of the Council of Light. And this morning I woke up and apparently they told me that there was an urgent message for December 2022. So let’s see what they have to say about this moment..

“Dear humans on Earth, 

We would love to talk about some decisions which are made today, here on Earth.

This week, very important decisions are being made considering the environment all around the world. New contracts are being made about pollution and we would love to point out that these solutions are not very beneficial right now for the Earth. 

Quite important for us humans to keep on resonating with our own truth, especially if the outer world is giving us new challenges, to feel what is our truth and especially what is worth our health. 

If you look at the environment at this moment, new waves are coming in to truly feel: what is important for me and my children, which will be born after today. 

There are new contracts being made about toxics that are polluting the Earth. It is quite important that we take responsibility about these toxics, and yes, we are talking about the food environment and also how medicines are being made. Because the standing contracts are being extended and being replaced with new agreements, the pollution of the Earth is getting quite strong at this moment. So we would love to warn you, to keep choosing a healthier vibration for our Earth and our bodies. 

If you are in contact with your own resonance, you can feel that toxic ingredients are not resonating with your body. So suddenly you can feel that some of the food or medicine which you have taken before, are not in alignment with your resonance anymore. 

The only advice we can give you is to take time and feel your resonance. Wait before you take anything inside your body, feel if the resonance is still correct. Is it healthy for your body? Or is it resonating with other painful parts inside yourself? We ask you to be more sensitive with the body, especially because more toxics are reaching our bodies. So important to keep your vibration high and sensitive. 

So yes, life is getting more intense and our bodies are getting more sensitive. But this is helping us to build a New Earth. A new earth in connection with the depth of Mother Earth. What we really don’t realize just yet, is that Mother Earth is providing all medicine available for your body. If we can just challenge ourselves to listen deeper from within, listening to the wisdom of our body and yes, listening to the wisdom of the Earth. No chemicals or toxics are needed for this process. The only thing what is important to point out, is that it might be very scary to fully trust this vibration coming from within. It is carrying the deepest responsibility of ourselves. But if we try to really surrender, we can see there is so much love vibration available, so nature can reach us on a very deeper level. 

So good luck and take time before you take anything inside your body. 

Allow yourself to trust your deeper grounds of deeper knowing and you will understand how the resonance is working with food and medicine. 

Thank you so much, because this new deeper trust is entering the Earth right now.

That is also why we point out: making agreements in the shadow, is making a new opportunity to trust the light. 

Enjoy this beautiful process.”


[ We continue with a second channeling, which is connected to the message above. Both messages can also be listened to on Malou her YouTube channel. ]


“Thank you so much for translating us at this more intense times. We would love to clarify our vision on medicine. You have asked me about medicine and how it works in the physical body, so we would love to point out, that some of the people don’t understand that more of the healing of the physical body is all about intention. So the moment you combine this beautiful power of intention with your physical medicine, it can heal your body in a very efficient way. 

What we are pointing out, is that some of the medicine are holding quite some toxic parts. The moment you allow yourself to give yourself some time to place awareness and love with your medicine and send it to the right places, it can do its healing work, 80% of your medicine is working with your invitation for yourself to be on the healing path. We understand that healing in all levels finally enters the physical body. 

So we would love to give you advice on how to use your medicine: Placing it in your hands and allow yourself to become at a clear path of your intention. Allow yourself to place your love and trust in the medicine. This, is also the moment where miracles take place. Because normal medicine, if you take take it without any awareness, can have side effects on places where this medicine should not. We are pointing out nauseousness, or any skin rashes, or any contractions. The physical body is just responding to the medicine alone. So quite important that you allow the medicine to only take the path on the places where it is needed. 

We advise you to take some time and create a small and sacred ritual: Your intention is the path of energy coming in, and that is also how medicines work in your body. Some of the humans don’t understand yet, that if you bring awareness to all layers, you can send the energy exactly to the right places in your physical body. This is how the dance with medicine is able to work. 

And yes, we would also love to talk more about the medicine power of the Earth. If we allow ourselves to fully trust the vibration of Earth, there is so much healing power in every vibration of the Earth. But this path is going to be a very sensitive path, and a shadow and light path. 

If we truly listen, to all the wisdom in the physical body, we can learn and listen how trauma is being built in the body. If we try to listen deeply to our sickness inside, we are actually reading a beautiful book. Lessons are opening up for our system. Please take this more seriously and create this sacred listening within, so you can learn from all your diseases. 

We are not saying this is an easy path. We are just pointing out that this is a very rich path, of listening deep within. The only advice we can give is to truly listen. 

Trust and let it unfold. The moment you choose to take medicine, allow yourself to fully breathe with intention, before you take it. This is how you can surrender to the healing path of the body herself. It has so much to tell if we truly listen.

Good luck and understand our resonance is reaching the Earth, inspiring you to take medicine in a different way. Lighter, with healing powers from within. 

Thank you and good luck on this beautiful Earth.”

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